Thursday, 21 November 2013

All Things Bright And Beautiful

#Blog5                                                                                                                          Dated: 21/11/2013

There is one truth common in everyone’s life. People come, people go. No matter how close we are to them and no matter what we do for them, one day when you wake up to find them gone. Why?

 Let’s face the universal truth. People move on. They go for things and people who make them feel better. They start accepting the love they think they deserve. 

I love making friends. I simply love to. Learning new things, talking about random stuff and feeling happy about it. They come to add the amazing moments in my life.  Life is all about appreciating their presence. Life is too short for complaints. We feel sad when we don’t get the required attention from the person we love. And doing stuff with that thought in mind will eventually make you lose the person. We fear about fights, they will arise. We fear hatred and hence we face the same.

A person’s distinguished only with two things: their thoughts and actions; and rest is the same. So we must do a simple thing.  Start appreciating instead of complaining. A person is like a flower. We love them. But if we pick them up they die and it ceases to be what you love. Love is not possession. Love is Appreciation.

Just imagine a world in which everybody appreciates. Life would have been so simple. It’s just that we choose to make it complicated. We have one life. Show that person how much you love them. Get them roses. Do things you want to do for them now. Do not be hesitant.  Keep no regrets.

Don’t hate, appreciate. Be simple. Be petrified with all things bright and beautiful. Peace out!

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