Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Unconditional Love

#Blog6                                                                                                                          Dated: 24/11/2013

Our parents, the most selfless human beings on this planet are the people whose contributions in our lives go unnoticed most of the time.

We teenagers in our lives concentrate on the things that fascinates us a lot. We want to hang out, go for movies, play and shop and do everything that makes us feel great. Sometimes we get carried away with people around us. We get tied in the game of superiority. If she has it, I got to have it. If you are getting a lot of attention then the others crave for it. They get jealous. So you got to maintain yourself.

All this while do you realize who are the people that help you get all the stuff you want as and when you ask for it? You want to have new clothes, you want to look cool so that you get along with other so called cool guys around and you don’t want to feel left out. Who helps you with all of these?  #Parents.

It’s awful that we take them for granted. We demand things from them. They get it for us but sometimes they couldn’t. We get pissed off. Our parents are still the same. This is their selfless love. This is what makes us feel at home when we are actually home. We are comfortable here. We can do anything we want. We live peacefully and do whatever we want here. After a long tiring day we want to go back home. Why home? Why is it so peaceful there? Do you realize what parents do for you even when you don’t realize that they are actually doing it? Oh god, I love them so much.

My dad gets scared when I freak out with things around me. He tries to explain me the universal truths of life and the benefits of being peaceful. Freaking out is like self destruction. Why do you want to do that for yourself? You love yourself and your parents love you too.

My mom is the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. She sometimes leaves me awestruck. From waking us up from the bed till we get back to sleep she is right there for us like all the time. She prepares my breakfast, my lunch, worries about whether we had it properly, worries about my health. She couldn’t eat, sleep or do anything for a whole day when she knew I was unable to breathe properly when I got up one morning.

Our parents do so much for us. Isn’t it petrifying? Whatever we try doing for them is just so less! But still we can do a small thing. Have an attitude of Gratitude. Say thanks. Realize what they do for you to make every second of your life go with no hindrance. Tell them you love them. Trust me they are dying for a simple gesture of yours.

Be happy and spread the happiness around. Hasta la vista Niggers! You make me proud.