Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Youth Inspiration - Purvi Sekhani

#Blog7                                                                                                                       Dated: 04/01/2014

We youth are deviated from our goals very easily. We find the less necessary things very appealing and we tend to waste half of our lives just for that short-lived happiness. Living our lives without killing the time is the task here; as we all know that time waits for nobody.

Then we go for all those inspirational books and magazines to clean our minds from all the dirt. Some get inspired by the people in the past who have achieved great things in their lives like Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi , Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama and the list goes on. But the thing what the youth wants is the inspiration amongst them, the inspiration that will make them understand what it exactly means to achieve something. Hark! I got some help here.  I got this one-of-a-kind, happy-go-lucky and always smiling girl as the youth inspiration. Purvi Sekhani! And guess what? It’s her birthday today!

There is no other proud moment when you type your name on google and it talks only about you. Purvi Sekhani , the HMR Brand Ambassador – College Students category had done that already; to have the right poise, bearing that amazing smile all the time, being determined and proving herself as an all rounder.

Purvi Sekhani, you make me proud. Happy Birthday! God bless you. Keep petrifying people and be petrified. Spread the smile!

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